A new way to learn sound and rhythms

BoomClap brings the augmented boom box for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It's a brand new way of making music, a great app to learn producing sounds and rhythms, and it's open to anyone. You can start learning by controlling few sounds, and when you get some experience go to advanced controls.

BoomClap listens, you play

The app listens to the sounds you produce and recognizes them, allowing you to make crazy beats and be part of the challenge. Memorize rhythms and repeat them as fast as possible to become an expert. BoomClap also use a brand new adaptation mechanism: it can learn the sounds you want to use to play!

Warning: beat boxer inside

BoomClap is a collaboration with the French beat-boxing master Ezra. You can select different soundbanks, some of them will allow you to use Ezra's own voice!